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Quaestus Capital Management (QCM) is a mission-driven, integrity based private equity and venture capital firm that invests in purpose driven initiatives across asset classes. 

We apply a flexible approach to investing, while having a core focus on renewable power generation, sustainability, and tech-enabled businesses that strive to make a positive social impact. 

QCM invests in buyout, growth equity and venture opportunities that have revenue generating operations, commercialized, and proven technology and processes, generally at Series A and B.  We look to invest where we can add value and provide industry relevant expertise and/or resources, while ultimately creating shared value for our investors, and all stakeholders; from the businesses we invest in, to the people they employ and humanity we collectively serve.


We optimize investing by having tactical flexibility. Our approach is dynamic, holistic and nimble.


Opportunity  is not linear and therefore we believe investment strategy, mandates and structures should not be either. In order to optimize investor returns, deliver value to businesses and secure the best outcomes for all parties, we allocate capital unconstrained to structure and industry, with the key condition that we do so having integrity and a vow to make the world better while doing it.

Although there may be many common factors to any given transaction, every deal is unique. 


Our belief is that restrictive investment strategies that prioritize only what you can account for today, degrades returns and limits  upside. At QCM, optimizing in our world is done by continually evolving, learning and adapting to changes in the world and market conditions at a moment's notice. It is not possible to account for where the next opportunity or innovation may come from and how capital must be invested to be strategic and take part. Therefore, our approach allows us to prioritize  and optimize our outlook accordingly to the opportunity at hand.

Our Approach

Our investments focus on climate solutions, disruptive sector agnostic businesses, and proven tech-based innovations, that:

‣ Support

clean energy and sustainability initiatives

‣ Modernize

energy infrastructure, transportation and agricultural processes

‣ Stand

to be economically resilient

‣ Produce

secure and recurring revenue streams

‣ Have

moats and commercialized offerings with strong, proven and demonstrable market demand

‣ Create

fortified, scalable solutions that serve high growth, next generation industries

‣ Reduce

pollution and waste

‣ Prioritize

security, safety, privacy,  health and accessibility

‣ Drive

profits by promoting business efficiencies, and processes that produce a positive environmental and / or social benefit

Investment Focus
Austin W. Davis

Austin W. Davis

CEO & Founder

Austin leads overall firm strategy, investment origination and execution with 14 years of extensive experience across the energy, project finance and innovative tech sectors. Austin is a dynamic results driven entrepreneur, operator, and investor. An avid outdoorsman inspired by sustainability, he started his first renewable energy company as a freshman at Drew University in 2007, where he went on to graduate early in a Corporate Finance focused, Business Program. 

Matt Stamborski

Matt Stamborski

Advisory & Strategic Investments

Matt Stamborski is an entrepreneur, investor, and developer. He serves as a strategic adviser and investment partner to QCM. Matt is the founder of the "Outlook" family of companies including Outlook Investment Group, Outlook Development Group, and Outlook Management Group. Matt via Outlook has built up a vertically integrated and fully diversified portfolio of commercial real estate valued at over $500M. Outlook is also a very active Private Equity and Venture Capital investor with its current holdings in over 50 active Operating Companies. Matt has been an early investor in companies such as Ouster, JUUL Labs, Pax Labs, Optio Rx, Industrious Office, Grab, Cambridge Semantics, and many more. Outlook has exited on Private Equity and VC deals north of $40B in sale value. Matt holds a BBA in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Will Brackett

Will Brackett

Strategic Deals Advisory

Will brings extensive expertise as a business development and strategy professional. Today, Will is a Senior Business Development Manager at Reddit following Reddit’s acquisition of Cue where he worked as Head of Growth from 2020 to 2021. Prior to Cue, Will worked on Apple’s Strategic Deals Team and Worldwide Operations and Procurement team from 2015 to 2019. He started his career after college at JPMorgan’s Investment Bank, supporting operations for a number of their trading businesses from 2011 to 2015. He is a graduate of Drew University, where he double majored in Economics and Chinese Studies, and played on Drew’s NCAA Men’s Soccer Team.

Andrew Alessandrini

Andrew Alessandrini

Business Development and Strategy

Andrew brings over a decade of experience in financial services and wealth management from being an Advisor at Morgan Stanley. He has extensive experience in portfolio management, lending and as a lead trader conducting both macro and equity research to structure client equity, fixed income, currency and alternative investments allocations. Andrew holds a degree in Finance from Providence College. He is registered with FINRA, SEC and CFTC with Series 7, 63, 66 and 3 licenses. Andrew lives in Southhampton, NY with his wife and two daughters.


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